International Collaborations

Hunan Industry College,

Hunan Automotive College, China

Guangzhou Panyu College,

Shandong Industry College,

The German Agency for International Cooperation

Hunan Chemical College,

Shandong College of Industry,

Shanxi Institute,

Infinity Institute of Technology (IIT) is a renowned educational institution that emphasizes international collaboration and cooperation. The institute has established partnerships with many prominent universities and educational organizations worldwide to promote academic exchange, joint research projects, and faculty and student mobility programs. These collaborations provide opportunities for students and faculty to gain exposure to diverse academic perspectives and experiences, fostering a global outlook and enhancing their understanding of different cultures. IIT’s commitment to international collaboration is reflected in its curriculum, which includes courses on international business, cross-cultural communication, and global issues, preparing students to become responsible global citizens. Through its international collaborations, IIT strives to create a vibrant and inclusive learning environment that promotes academic excellence, intercultural understanding, and innovation.

Major terms of cooperation include:

  • Student Exchange Program
  • Faculty Exchange Program
  • Curriculum Exchange Program
  • Technology Transfer Programs
  • Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Creating job opportunities for youth in Pakistan as well as in China and other countries.