Courses Offered Mechanical Engineering

1st Semester

HU-101: Functional English

MS-101: Health, Safety and Environment

NS-101: Calculus and Analytical Geometry

NS-102: Applied Chemistry

CS-101: Computer Systems and Programming

ME-111: Engineering Drawing and Graphics

ME-131: Workshop Practice

5th Semester

EE-303: Electronics Engineering

HU-303: Communication Skills

NS-307: Applied Statistics

ME-311: Machine Design-II

ME-312: Computer Aided Engineering

ME-321: Heat and Mass Transfer

ME-331: Measurement & Instrumentation

2nd Semester

EE-102: Electrical Engineering

NS-103: Applied Physics

NS-104: Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations

ME-112: Engineering Mechanics-I: Statics

ME-113: Engineering Materials

ME-114: Computer Aided Drawing

ME-121: Fluid Mechanics-I

6th Semester

MS-302: Engineering Economics

HU-304: Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills

ME-313: Mechanics of Machines

ME-322: Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

ME-323: Heat Transfer and R & A/C Lab

ME-324: Power Plants

ME-332: Control Engineering

ME-333: M&I and Control Lab

3rd Semester

NS-205: Complex Variables and Transforms

ME-211: Engineering Mechanics-II: Dynamics

ME-212: Engineering Mechanics Lab

ME-213: Mechanics of Materials-I

ME-221: Fluid Mechanics-II

ME-222: Fluid Mechanics Lab

ME-223: Thermodynamics-I

ME-231: Manufacturing Processes-I

7th Semester

MS-4XY: Management Elective

HU-405: Pakistan Studies

ME-411: Mechanical Vibrations

ME-412: Mechanisms and Mechanical Vibrations Lab

ME-421: Internal Combustion Engines

ME-422: Power Plants and IC Engines Lab

ME-4XY: Technical Elective-I

ME-499: Design Project-I

4th Semester

CS-204: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

HU-202: Islamic Studies

NS-206: Numerical Analysis

ME-214: Mechanics of Materials-II

ME-215: Mechanics of Materials Lab

ME-216: Machine Design -I

ME-224: Thermodynamics-II

ME-225: Thermodynamics Lab

ME-232: Manufacturing Processes-II

ME-233: Manufacturing Processes La

8th Semester

MS-404: Entrepreneurship

HU-406: Social Sciences

ME-413: Finite Element Methods

ME-4XY: Technical Elective-II

ME-4XY: Technical Elective-III

ME-499: Design Project-II