Courses Offered Industrial Engineering

1st Semester

HU-101: English I (Communication skills / Business skills)

IE-111: Data Analytics

IE-112: Workshop Practice

IE-113: Engineering Drawing and Graphics

NS-101: Probability and Statistics

NS-102: Calculus

5th Semester

IE-311: Operations of Manufacturing Systems

IE-312: Applied Machine Design & FEM

IE-313: Metrology & Statistical Quality Control

IE-314: Optimization Techniques

IE-315: Work Study & Methods Engineering

2nd Semester

HU-102: Logic and Critical Thinking

NS-103: Differential Equations

IE-114: Mechanical Technology

HU-103: Islamic Studies/Ethics

CS-101: Introduction to Computing

CS-102: Computer Aided Design and Modeling

6th Semester

IE-316: Industrial Simulation

IE-317: Human Factors Engineering

IE-321: Management of Engineering Projects

HU-301: Engineering Economics

IE-318: Planning and Scheduling in Manufacturing

IE-319: Industrial Automation and Control

3rd Semester

HU-202: Pakistan Studies

HU-201: Technical writing skills

IE-211: Engineering Mechanics

NS-201: Applied Physics

IE-212: Materials Engineering

NS-202: Applied Linear Algebra

7th Semester

IE-411: Design of Experiments

IE-412: Industrial Facilities Design

IE-XXX: Elective I*

IE-XXX: Elective II**

IE-491: Project Phase I

4th Semester

NS-203: Numerical Analysis

IE-213: Operations Research

IE-214: Manufacturing Processes

IE-215: Supply Chain and Logistics Management

IE-216: Mechanics of Materials

NS-204: Industrial Electronics

8th Semester

IE-XXX: Elective I*

IE-XXX: Elective II**

IE-XXX: Elective I*

IE-XXX: Elective II**

IE-492: Project Phase II