Courses Offered Computer Science

1st Semester

CS-101: Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies

CS-102: Programming Fundamentals

MT-101: Calculus and Analytical Geometry

EG-101: English Composition and Comprehension

EL-10: 1Basic Electronics

5th Semester

CS-301: Complier Construction

CS-302: Software Engineering

CS-303: CS Elective – I

UE-202: CS Elective – II

CS-305: Operating Systems

2nd Semester

CS-103: Object Oriented Programming

CS-104: Discrete Structure

EG-102: Communication and Presentation Skills

MT-102: Probability & Statics

PK-101: Islamic and Pak Studies

6th Semester

CS-307: CS Elective – III

CS-308: Artificial Intelligence

UE-301: University Elective –III

CS-309: Computer Communication and Networks

CS-310: CS Elective – IV

CS-311: Smart Application Development

3rd Semester

CS-201: Data Structures and Algorithms

CS-202: Digital Logic Design

EG-203: Computer Architecture and assembly

UE-201: University Elective–I

MT-202: Liner Algebra and Differential Equations

7th Semester

CS-400: Final Year Project – I

CS-401: CS Elective – V

CS-402: Parallel and Distributing Computing

CS-403: Big Data Analytics

CS-404: CS Elective – VI

CS-405: Data Warehousing

4th Semester

CS-204: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS-205: Theory of Automata & Formal Languages

CS-206: Theory of Programming Languages

UE-202: University Elective–II

CS-203: Database Systems

MT-203: Numerical Computing

8th Semester

CS-406: Final Year Project-II

CS-407: Professional Practices

CS-408: Information Security

UE-401: University Elective–IV