Courses Offered Accounting & Finance

1st Semester

AAF-301: Principles of Accounting

AAF-303: Introduction to Business

ECO-301: Principles of Micro Economics

ENG-321: Functional English

MTH-321: Business Mathematics

PST-321: Pakistan Studies

+ISL-311: Translation of The Holy Quran -I

5th Semester

BAM-301: Principles of Management

BAM-302: Principles of Marketing

BAM-406: Financial Management

AAF-503: Research Methods in Business

AAF-509: Financial Reporting I

ECO-512: Managerial Economics

+ISL-511: Translation of The Holy Quran -III

2nd Semester

AAF-302: Financial Accounting

AAF-304: Computer Application in Business

ECO-302: Principles of Macro Economics

ENG-421: Communication Skills

STA-304: Business Statistics

ISL-321/ISL-322: Islamic Studies/Ethic

6th Semester

BAM-618: Corporate Finance

AAF-504: Audit and Assurance

AAF-506: Management Accounting

BAM-404: Human Resource Management

AAF-510: Financial Reporting II

BAM-619: Corporate Governance

3rd Semester

AAF-401:Advanced Accounting-I

LAW-513: Business Law

AAF-405: Introduction to Business Finance

AAF-407: Business Taxation

SOC-521: Introduction to Sociology

PSY-321: Introduction to Psychology – I

+ISL-411: Translation of The Holy Quran -II

7th Semester

BAM-602: Strategic Management

AAF-603: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management

AAf-605: Islamic Banking and Finance

AAF-607: Computerized Accounting

AAF-609: Analysis of Financial Statements

ECO-504: Econometrics – I

+ISL-611: Translation of The Holy Quran -IV

4th Semester

AAF-402: Advanced Accounting-II

AAF-404: Cost Accounting

AAF-406: Principles of Auditing

LAW-716: Corporate Law

AAF-410: Custom and Sales Tax

STA-607: Statistical Inference-I

Infinity Academics Management Science

8th Semester

BAM-601: Entrepreneurship

AAF-602: Financial Risk Management

AAF-604: Financial and Regulatory Institutes

AAF-606: Advanced Cost and Management Accounting

AAF-608: International Finance

AAF-610: Financial Modeling

COM-631: Project and Viva Voce 6(0-6)