Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation.

Outstanding Courses

Building the gap between youth and industries

Infinity Engineering was established in 1994 and since then has earned the credit of disseminating technical training to a number of skilled and semi-skilled workers in five different professional trades. Our pride rests on the quality of training provided within a short span of time, but as per recommended international standards.

Digitalization of Maintenance

High advance techniques to digitize maintenance and production plans and decisions in process of automation.

CNC Programmer

With knowledge of manufacturing process an individual will be able to program CNC Machinng Center.

Industrial Automation (PLC)

How to automate electrical or mechanical equipment such as CNC machines, compressors, boilers, lighting, drives etc.

Tractor Mechanic

For an agricultural country Tractors have it’s importance and so does an educated and well trained trained Tractor Mechanic.

Energy Efficiency Management

You will be working on advance techniques of managing and saving energy which is in high demand in industry.

CCTV Solutionist

With knowledge of CCTV technolog an individual will be able to install, configure & troubleshoot all related activies.

Quality Control Inspector

You will be learning International standards and different quality inspection techniques for industry.


Techniques, skills and attributes essential for successful performance in machinist in accordance with industry requirements.

We are Offering Corporate Trainings

Corporate training is the process of training employees through a system of activities that educate employees by using various forms of learning programs. It acts as a catalyst to success for employees, which, in turn, means the success of your business/organization as a whole. Employing training and development is essential for companies to strengthen their employee performance. It improves employees’ job skills and knowledge, which helps them improve performance in the workplace. This is why Infinity Institute of Technology is offering Corporate Trainings for employees and professionals to grow & polish their skills to next level.


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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for your help!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any furhter information about Infinity Institute of Technology or if you have any randome question / inquiry for us…

How I'll be selected for admission?

If your age is between 18-40 years and you have a domicile of Punjab, you are eligible for the admission. Apply for admission from our Admissions Page.

Can I register in more than one course(s)?

For free IIT courses, NO. But if you can afford the paid courses then Yes, but all the expenditures woud be borne by the student.

Is there any stipend for Vocational Courses?

The stipend mentioned in advertisement is for the whole course duration. i.e. 3 months or 6 months and for IIT students only and not for every course.

Will you be offering job after this training?

Yes, we offer jobs to all qualified students in our Goup of Companies and interested candidates are interviewed & shortlisted by the training offiers.

Does IIT provides transportation?

Yes! transportation facility is available for all IIT students for the routes that includes Hostel to IIT, from Shahdra to IIT and from Sheikhupura to IIT.

Does IIT provides any Hostel facilities for Students?

Yes, Accommodation/Hostel facility is available to almost all out-stationed students, on first come, first get basis.

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