Life at INFINITY Campus Lahore

Infinity Institute of Technology (INFINITY) has state of the art 100,000 square meter campus with a number of multimedia equipped lecture halls, variety of labs, cafeteria, mess, playgrounds and lush green lawns.  The campus is well equipped with all the safety equipments to ensure the safety of its staff and students in routine working and emergency situations. The expansion of campus building is in pipeline with a plan of adding new facilities related to curricular and extra curricular activities.


Class Rooms

To enhance the visualization of lecture and learning of students, each lecture hall of INFINITY is equipped with multimedia projectors. The lectures are pictorial and consist of videos and animation to help students to understand and absorb. INFINITY ensures a conducive learning environment of classes from standardizing sitting arrangement to overall class environment.



Infinity Institute of Technology have in campus library facility for the students which have more than 3000 books and also the facility of E Library having more than 30,000 books.


Sports Facilities

Sports exist to Involve People in a society in a constructive activity where they can let out their energies/emotions. Another reason is to involve people in group activities (for team sports mainly) thus building qualities like team work, co-ordination, belief (in self and in team mates), punctuality, dedication etc. Also, helps build a competitive spirit and a healthy human being. Infinity School of Technology motivate students to take part in different sports and that is the
reason School Management provide the facilities for following games 

  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Tag of War
  • 100 Meter Race

Clubs & Societies

Club and societies are the major part in the development of the students. Infinity Institute of Technology gives the opportunity the Interesting students to join following societies and clubs as per their choice:

  • Sports Society
  • Debading Society
  • Dramatic Society
  • Technology & Innovation Club
  • Science Society
  • Creative Corner
  • Society for Health and Safety Practices
  • Society for highlighting Social Issues and take Welfare Measures

Motivational Sessions

To motivate the students Infinity Institute of Technology organize Motivational Session from national and international speakers. These sessions increase the knowledge level of students but also motivate them to education.


Job Fairs

Infinity Institute of Technology organize Job Fairs for the students after every session and more than 50 industries participates in the Job Fair to hire the students.

Job Fairs under Infinity Institute
Job Fairs under Infinity Institute
Job Fairs under Infinity Institute

Infinity Institute of Technology

Aim of Ravi-Infinity Group of industries, along with allied industry, and Infinity Institute of Technology (IIT) is to grow together while working in close coordination of each other. Industry (especially Ravi-Infinity Group) will have an opportunity to grow in multi-directions and emulate the footsteps of Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Tata.

6000+ Satisfied Students

“You will be in good hands if you decide to be a part of the Infinity Institute of Technology. I am not talking about out of the box education only but overall grooming, thinking & vision.”

Khurram Aleem

“I have never been in a more welcoming, friendly and helpful enviroment. It was an outstanding experience and lifetime learning from Infinity Institute of Technology.”


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