Faculty of BSc Mechanical Engineering

A mechanical engineer is able to do everything.

Engineering programs have updated curriculums that offers high quality courses aimed at individuals who can amicably meet these challenges. The programs of studies enables them to read the team of future young engineers and to realize their innovative ideas. The Faculty also provides the students with the opportunity to learn how research carried out by the faculty members is transformed into education. Four year BS degree program in Electrical Engineering offers specializations in Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication or Power Engineering whereas four year BS degree program in Mechanical Engineering offers specializations in Thermal Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Automation and Control and Product

From concept development to realization, this faculty deals with almost all kind of useful products we deal every day. Mechanical Engineers build these products for society. They design everything from needle to medical devices to automobiles to jet engines. Structure, mechanism, automobiles, transportation design, manufacturing systems, turbines, compressors, pumps are designed by mechanical engineers. They have serious contribution in design of everything from needle to medical devices to automobiles to jet engines. New technologies and trends have heavily influenced this vast program with incorporation of new courses.

Dr. Syed Saqib Raza

PhD Mechanical Engineering

Head of Department

“Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It’s coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering as well as final assembly.

The goal of this undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering is to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to address a variety of societal needs. The program prepares students for entry-level work as mechanical engineers or for graduate study in engineering, or in another discipline, where a fundamental engineering background constitutes a desirable foundation.

The undergraduate program of Mechanical Engineering (ME) is designed under the guidelines of HEC. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering works closely with Faculty of Product Design to develop a product. The undergraduate program of Mechanical Engineering comprises of mathematics, natural sciences, humanities and management sciences, computing, fundamentals and specializations of mechanical engineering and interdisciplinary courses.

The curricula reflect the latest advances in Finite Element Methods, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Aided Design and Drafting, Numerical Control Machines and Energy Management. It emphasizes a mix of applied mechanics, computer simulations, energy science and design. It motivates for innovation and technology development. It can lead to specializations in power, design, computational mechanics, automation and control.

Since mechanical engineering is a broad discipline, it can act like a springboard for graduate study in business, law, medicine, political science, and other professions where understanding technology is important. Both undergraduate and graduate programs provide technical background for work in automotive, aerospace, transportation, agricultural products, home appliances, power plants, environmental pollution control, and other multidisciplinary problems that concern society. Emphasis is placed on developing systematic procedures for analysis, communication of work and ideas, creativity, practical and aesthetic aspects in design, and responsible use of technology.


“The department is focused to produce technically sound engineers and entrepreneurs addressing industrial and societal issues through economical solutions. They are also capable to lead in Mechanical engineering discipline by technological innovations via research”.

Courses Under Semester System
BSc Mechanical Engineering

BS Degree Program: 04 Years

Credit Hours Total: 136 Cr Hrs

Semester - I

HU-101 * Functional English

MS-101 * Health, Safety and Environment

NS-101 * Calculus and Analytical Geometry

NS-102 * Applied Chemistry

CS-101 * Computer Systems and Programming

ME-111 * Engineering Drawing and Graphics

ME-131 * Workshop Practice

Semester - II

EE-102 * Electrical Engineering

NS-103 * Applied Physics

NS-104 * Linear Algebra and Ordinary Differential Equations

ME-112 * Engineering Mechanics-I: Statics

ME-113 * Engineering Materials

ME-114 * Computer Aided Drawing

ME-121 * Fluid Mechanics-I

Semester - III

NS-205 * Complex Variables and Transforms

ME-211 * Engineering Mechanics-II: Dynamics

ME-212 * Engineering Mechanics Lab

ME-213 * Mechanics of Materials-I

ME-221 * Fluid Mechanics-II

ME-222 * Fluid Mechanics Lab

ME-223 * Thermodynamics-I

ME-231 * Manufacturing Processes-I

Semester - IV

CS-204 * Design and Analysis of Algorithms

HU-202 * Islamic Studies

NS-206 * Numerical Analysis

ME-214 * Mechanics of Materials-II

ME-215 * Mechanics of Materials Lab

ME-216 * Machine Design -I

ME-224 * Thermodynamics-II

ME-225 * Thermodynamics Lab

ME-232 * Manufacturing Processes-II

ME-233 * Manufacturing Processes Lab

Semester - V

EE-303 * Electronics Engineering

HU-303 * Communication Skills

NS-307 * Applied Statistics

ME-311 * Machine Design-II

ME-312 * Computer Aided Engineering

ME-321 * Heat and Mass Transfer

ME-331 * Measurement & Instrumentation

Semester - VI

MS-302 * Engineering Economics

HU-304 * Technical Report Writing & Presentation Skills

ME-313 * Mechanics of Machines

ME-322 * Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

ME-323 * Heat Transfer and R & A/C Lab

ME-324 * Power Plants

ME-332 * Control Engineering

ME-333 * M&I and Control Lab

Semester - VII

MS-4XY * Management Elective

HU-405 * Pakistan Studies

ME-411 * Mechanical Vibrations

ME-412 * Mechanisms and Mechanical Vibrations Lab

ME-421 * Internal Combustion Engines

ME-422 * Power Plants and IC Engines Lab

ME-4XY * Technical Elective-I

ME-499 * Design Project-I

Semester - VIII

MS-404 * Entrepreneurship

HU-406 * Social Sciences

ME-413 * Finite Element Methods

ME-4XY * Technical Elective-II

ME-4XY * Technical Elective-III

ME-499 * Design Project-II

Technical Elective Courses

ME-414 * Tribology

ME-415 * Mechanical Engineering Design Analysis

ME-416 * Stress Analysis

ME-417 * Composite Materials

ME-423 * Renewable Energy Technology

ME-424 * Gas Dynamics

ME-425 * Aerodynamics

ME-426 * Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

ME-427 * Nuclear Engineering

ME-428 * Automotive Engineering

ME-431 * Advanced Manufacturing Systems

ME-432 * Introduction to Mechatronics

ME-433 * Robotics

ME-434 * Maintenance Engineering

Management Elective Courses

MS-403 * Operations Management

MS-405 * Total Quality Management

MS-406 * Project Management

MS-407 * Operations Research

MS-408 * Engineering Law

MS-409 * Supply Chain Management