BS Accounts & Finance

“Accounting is the language of business.”

The BS Accounting & Finance programme is made to prepare students for the challenges presented by this intricate yet fascinating field, which has gained a lot more significance in the aftermath of the recent global financial crisis. This crisis has shown us that sound financial management can make the difference between a
company’s success and failure.

The most important and crucial components of the free-market economy are accounting and finance. Therefore, the financial health of corporate entities depends critically on effective financial management. However, the ongoing changes in the state of the economy, fierce rivalry for financial resources, and dubious corporate methods have made financial management a difficult task.

Life is like accounting, everything must be balanced.

4 year BS Accounting & Finance meets the needs of students who want to pursue higher education in Accounts & Finance. A program with rigorous course work and subjects, it is suitable for students with strong academic records and great performance potential.

The bachelor degree program in Accounting and Finance prepares students for entry-level positions in accounting and financial management. The program is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that will enable a student to cope successfully with the challenges of a rapidly evolving, global business and financial environment. The degree provides a strong foundation for a successful career in accounting and finance, and prepares highly motivated students for future graduate-level study.